Complaint handling workshops

If you’re looking for workshops that cover all of the key complaints handling topics, but can also be tweaked or completely designed from scratch to meet your individual needs, then we’re the people for you.

It’s a bold statement, but our workshops are different. Like you, we’ve sat through training that has gone on for hours, leaving us wondering what we learned from it. A big, fat hairy nothing usually. That’s why we wanted to do things differently and why our training is engaging, very, very interactive, and coaches you to solutions.

There are no such things as silly questions in our training and we provide a space for your staff to be completely open and honest with us about what they struggle with and what they need help on. It means that staff are able to learn a lot more and we can pivot at a moment's notice to cover off a topic or a point. Because let’s face it, your staff won’t always feel able to be able to do this with you, but they can with us because we’ve been there and we understand what it takes to be great complaints handlers.

As you’d imagine there’s no fluff, no hypothesizing about things, just good honest, direct guidance to help give your staff the knowledge and the leg up they need, to up their own complaints handling game.

What we cover

As you’d imagine we cover all of the core subjects that your complaints handlers need to know about:

  • Effective Final Response Letters
  • Consistent Distress and Inconvenience awards
  • Working well with the ombudsman
  • Using the phone for effective complaints resolutions
  • Developing and honing your complaints handling skills

But that’s not all, because we can offer bespoke and tailored training for you if you need to combine subjects or even drill down into something specific. Examples of bespoke training we have designed from scratch include:

  • Getting to the heart of complaints
  • An online academy covering all the key parts of the complaint handling process
  • Q&A sessions for senior leaders around complaints, what it takes to have an effective process and what was needed to adjust the process to make it work more efficiently.

“It was really powerful to be able to discuss our experiences with Sarah who clearly is a subject expert along with our counterparts  in other related industries”

Toyota Financial Services

“I found the course very useful. We have previously worked our complaints with a view of doing what is needed. However, this course will help us at Snap make changes to improve the overall customer experience. It's great to come away with new ideas and changes we can make”

Snap Finance

As flexible as you need it

In-person, online or blended

We’re able to offer our training in a format that works for you, whether that means we come to you, or we do it online, or even a combination.

If it’s in-person we’ll include the cost for our travel, but this will be a flat fee and there’ll be no hidden costs or last minute additional extras.

We’re able to offer our training on any of the online platforms, but our personal preference is Zoom, as it offers us the flexibility to make the training as interactive as possible. Regardless of your platform preference, we send the links and administer the training, so it’s minimal fuss for you.

Stand alone or as part of a consultancy package

Here’s the brilliant thing about us offering bespoke training and consultancy packages, no two are exactly the same. This means that should you want us to combine consultancy and training we can do that.

How does that work? We’ll chat through your requirements and your budget, and tailor a whole package to your needs. Once we put together a proposal, you can add, remove or tweak anything we propose so that it works for you. Then when you’re happy that we’ve got it all covered we’ll get cracking. We’ll also schedule regular catch ups, as well as providing reports and feedback so that you’re confident that you’re covering everything you need us to.

And we’re not about pricing out smaller businesses, we are affordable, because for us it’s about sharing our knowledge and experience with all firms, no matter the size.

Not just box ticking

We’re not fans of box ticking, and so any training we provide is not about covering the basics, and making do. It has to work for you and that’s why we’re happy to discuss your requirements, tailor it to your needs and then make sure we’re doing what it needs to do.

For us, the mark of success that we’ve nailed this is that we’ve provided you and your staff with the information, the knowledge and the know-how to go straight back to work and start applying the learning.

"A real eye opener as to how we are able to improve our process on Final response letters”


“Very good, lots of useful questions and answers”


But, that must come at a hefty cost though?

No, that’s not how we work. We calculate all of our training costs as a flat fee, with design costs being quoted as a daily rate. There’s no hidden costs, and no ridiculously complicated pricing calculations.

All you need to do is let us know your budget, what you want to get out of the training. We’ll then tell you how much time it’ll take to write or tinker with the training to meet those needs and what that means for the cost.

Working with trade associations

We’re proud to work with the UK’s two largest trade associations - Finance and Leasing Association and UK Finance. We offer training to their whole membership, providing the core topics to help them with their complaints handling processes.

We’ve had a lot of really positive feedback from members about the training we’ve provided and how it has helped them change their complaints process including noticing blindspots. So, if you’re a trade association and you’d like to be able to offer your members top notch and affordable lending, get in touch.

“Can’t remember if I emailed you after the last training session but suffice to say it was brilliant again and the feedback from the team was great. Thank you so much for delivering this to us.”

Clear Bank

Proud to be associated with

Get in touch

If you’re not sure what you need, or you’d just like to have a chat to work out whether we’re the right fit for you and your business, no problems. Just click the button below to book a chat with us.

There’s no hard selling, just a good, honest conversation about what you need from us and what we can offer.

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